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About MPL
That was before ...


MPL Construction LLC began its construction career in 1999 with a single truck and a single job: a small basement makeover. Before the completion of the first job, a neighbor across the street asked MPL to remodel her kitchen. Then there was a siding job on the street. Around the fifth word of mouth project, or MPL knew it had something special. He was a t-shirt shop and chose a logo from a catalog. He took this logo, with two carpenters, put it on T-shirts and business cards ... and a new company was born.
This is now.


Since a familiar “MPL Construction LLC” first appeared in 1999, it has increased substantially, adding talent and used. But it always keeps the attention to details, the excellent finish and the passionate attitude of the customer on which the company was founded.
Today, an MPL employs more than 20 full-time contracted craftsmen, from finishing, finishing and finishing carpenters to licensed welders and ornamental hardware. These expansive features provide us with a higher level of cost, quality, schedule and response time control. It is a difference that our customers perceive and appreciate.
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